Over the course of 30 years, I’ve seen it all. I’ve been part of a reduction in force; persevered through leadership change; navigated my way through mergers; learned how to endure a variety of executive management styles — and yes, I’ve been fired. I’ll admit, initially, these experiences left me immobilized. Maybe you know the feeling, and in that case, I’m so glad you found us — because our team knows how to help you get “unstuck.” Once we get you onto a rewarding path, we will be the accountability partner who is always by your side.

So what did my path involve? With each new challenge, I figured out how to identify the opportunity before me. When I was emotionally ready, I considered where I would head next and, in the process, I honed my ability to constantly evolve. Midway into my career, I made a life-changing decision that became my professional pivot point: I discovered my most fulfilling path. For me, that path is the life of an entrepreneur. Making my goal of entrepreneurship the center of every decision has kept me pointed in the right direction for more than 18 years. When challenges have come my way — the .com bust in 2001, 9/11, the 2008 recession — I knew what was negotiable and what was not, which made constantly evolving a clearer, more comfortable process.

With each new evolution I’ve made, I’ve gathered the skills and resources to help my clients become change agents in their own lives. After decades in the recruiting business, working with the top hedge funds, financial services firms and other industries, we have the connections, the coaching experience, and the inside track that will get you in the door.

The path to happiness at work is different for each and every one of us. Our team will help you discover a meaningful career that will ignite the fire that drives you forward.
Career Breakthrough