Achieving Milestones

Achieving Milestones


Reaching major milestone requires vision, perseverance and each deserves to be celebrated. Challenges come in different forms and the launch of our new website was more of an emotional challenge. Each delay reinforced my realization I have no control over anything in life except my reaction to each situation. It required taking it one day at time, trusting delays happened for a reason and staying in the moment. I focused on the excitement each time the developer overcame an obstacle developing the code that made the website more visually appealing.

Each milestone is a constant reminder, “The elevator to success is not running, you have to take the steps”.

In 2006, steps took on a significant meaning in my life after running the most difficult half marathon in the world, the Great Wall of China. The first few miles are an uphill climb to the anticipated 5000 steps that range in height from a few inches to 2ft with the finale of the last 5 miles through a village over very rocky terrain. Two hours into the race, I lost track of the distance and thought I had 2 miles to go. Then I experienced the runner’s nightmare. I hit “the wall” when I saw the sign and discovered I still had 4 miles to the finish line. My legs were literally on auto pilot and my determination to overcome the mental set back became an inexplicable force within me. I focused on the vision of the beautiful village children giving you high fives and cheering us on and Sweet Home Alabama playing on my IPod. In the end, the smile of  my supportive friend who came as a spectator will be forever etched in my memory as she handed me an ice cold Tsingtao to celebrate the huge milestone of crossing the finish line.

The first step in achieving your milestone is to take action and schedule a consult. Our sessions will tap into and begin the process to rediscover your dreams, interests, passions, values and then we can develop a plan with goals. Together, we will take this one step at a time and obliterate those roadblocks stopping you.

The new website is interactive and provides easier access to Services, Client Testimonials, Contact, and Our Blog – To Be Inspired. The website has integrated social media buttons for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google Plus to foster improved communication with our clients.

Please share this link with your friends and colleagues who want to make a change professionally but uncertain about how to get started. Keep checking for new testimonials highlighting the successes of our clients and our blog stories that will inspire you to take action.

Thank you for reading!

Karen Banks

Certified Professional Career Coach